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How The Rule Of 7 Makes Your Brand Stick In Malawi

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Let’s today, discuss something cool in marketing called the Rule of 7. Have you heard of it? Well, if you haven’t, it’s a simple idea: people need to see your ad at least seven times before they notice it. This traditional principle remains highly relevant, especially right here in Malawi.

Rule of 7: What’s That?

Essentially it emphasizes the significance of ensuring that individuals come across your brand enough times to remember it. Think of it like hearing a song until it gets stuck in your head.

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Malawi’s Marketing Scene

In Malawi, our population stands at about 20.6 million. But here’s an interesting fact: only about 5 million people have access to the internet. This amounts to just around 24.4% of our population. With an annual growth rate of 2.6%, this translates to at least 518,000 new internet users each year. It’s important to note that social media has only around 800,000 monthly users. Therefore, relying solely on online ads means missing a significant portion of the audience. That’s why utilizing a mix of radio, billboards, flyers, experiential marketing, and digital ads is a smart strategy to reach more people.

Keeping It Real in the Digital World

Even with everyone swiping and clicking, the Rule of 7 hasn’t gone anywhere. People see tons of ads every day, so you need to pop up often to be remembered. It’s all about mixing the old with the new – a bit of Facebook here, a radio spot there. The rule of 7 ensures that through repeated exposure, a brand can stand out and resonate with the target audience

Adopting a multi-channel approach is crucial in Malawi’s digitally leaning market. By blending digital and traditional media, campaigns can reach a broader audience, catering to both internet-savvy users and those who connect through traditional media.

Why Repeat Ads Work

There’s a fancy term called ‘cognitive ease.’ It means when people see something a lot, they start to like it more. That’s why repeating your ads can make a big difference. It’s not just about showing your ad; it’s about making it familiar and friendly. Consistent and repeated messaging across various channels can effectively imprint a brand in the minds of consumers.

Lobo Adworks: Making Your Brand Shine

Here at Lobo Adworks, we understand the power of this blend. We’re experts at combining traditional and digital ads to make your brand a topic of conversation across Malawi. Our goal is to ensure that people don’t just see your brand – they’ll remember it, talk about it, and love it.

With Lobo Adworks, your brand can effectively navigate Malawi’s diverse market. We ensure your message is heard loud and clear, repeatedly, across the right mix of channels.

Let’s make your brand unforgettable. We’re ready when you are! Believe in Sound.

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