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About Us

The Alpha

We are Lobo AdWorks, a digital marketing agency that draws its inspiration from the strategic and result-driven nature of wolves. From local stalwarts like NBS Bank to international giants such as Treetops Homes, UK, and Standard Bank, Kenya, our footprint is both vast and impactful.

Strategy. Design. Impact

We Are

Lobo AdWorks isn’t just any agency; it’s a symphony. Guided by Patience, Drive, Determination, and Collaboration, we harness the universal power of sound to craft resonant brand narratives. Join us in our quest to create not just noise, but the very sound of growth.

Believe in Sound

Lobo AdWorks: Where Sound Resonates and Results Sing

Our Approach

The Way
Of The Wolf

We craft stories, not just brands. Drawing from the wolf’s strategy and instinct, we blend data and creativity for a harmonized, impactful brand presence.


Data-Driven & Intelligent

Our pack thrives on data. With wolf-like keen senses, we tap into analytics to guide our strategy, ensuring precision and relevance.


Opportunists & Innovators

In the vast wilderness, we're the boundary-pushers. Always on the hunt for the next big opportunity, we ensure your brand remains ahead of the pack.


Transparent & Trust-Based Relationships

Just as wolves move in tight-knit packs, we value forging strong, transparent relationships with our clients. Trust is our bond, and success, our shared hunt.


Curiosity & Quality

Our creativity roams wild and free, driven by curiosity. We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring every piece resonates with your audience like the haunting howl of a wolf.






Meet the team.

  • Boniface Mdolo
    Strategist, Founder

    Brings a decade of expertise from Malawi's marketing realm, excelling in strategy, research, content, and creative direction. Educated at the University of Malawi and University of Cape Town, he's been pivotal in campaigns that earned accolades from the Institute of Marketing in Malawi, and appointed as Judge for Standard Bank Ubora Africa Awards. Under his guidance, Lobo Adworks has achieved recognition both locally and abroad.

  • Tivo Shikapwashya
    Lead Consultant

    With over 25 years in media and communications, he boasts a global perspective, having worked across the Pan African Market, North America, and Europe. His international stints in the US and UK have enriched his vast network across Africa. His seasoned leadership, rooted in managing media institutions, ensures unparalleled quality in our services.

  • Graiton Pasanje
    Brands & Marketing

    He is a distinguished Content Developer with a rich history of crafting insight-driven campaigns that have been recognized by institutions like the Chartered Institute of Marketers in Malawi. His expertise spans content creation, audiography, and research, having collaborated with leading brands and achieving milestones in the marketing landscape showcases his holistic approach to brand marketing.

  • Paul Mwale
    Brands & Experience

    He brings over 5 years of expertise in business development and experiential marketing. He excels at creating immersive customer experiences that bridge the gap between brands and their audiences. Through his guidance, we craft campaigns that are not just engaging, but memorable, fostering deep connections and resonating stories. Paul's approach ensures that every project we undertake becomes a journey of meaningful interactions.


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