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The Apple of Everyone’s Eye: Unpacking NBS Bank’s Winning Print Ad

A Fresh Take on Banking.

Recently, you might have noticed a distinctive advertisement catching everyone’s attention – a unique display of green apples with one striking red apple in the center, complete with a dark green leaf adding a touch of realism. This isn’t just any advertisement. It’s the acclaimed “Choice is Eazy” campaign by NBS Bank, creating waves across Malawi.

Behind the Brilliance

What makes “Choice is Eazy” extraordinary isn’t just its visual appeal. It’s a narrative of innovation and connection:

  • Connection with Everyday Life: The campaign makes banking feel like an easy, everyday choice, changing the perception of banking from being complex to something straightforward and familiar.
  • Clarity Amid Complexity: In a world cluttered with information, “Choice is Eazy” emerges as a model of clear, uncluttered communication.
  • Iconic Imagery: The apple imagery goes beyond mere aesthetics. It has become a symbol of the simplicity and ease promised by NBS Bank.

The Role of Lobo Adworks

Lobo Adworks, aligning with its “Believe in Sound” philosophy, was instrumental in bringing this creative vision to life. The campaign is more than visuals; it embodies emotion, dedication, and dialogue.

Believe In Sound

The “Choice is Eazy” campaign transcends traditional advertising boundaries. It represents NBS Bank’s pledge to simplify banking, making it accessible and user-friendly. As the campaign gains recognition, it stands clear that NBS Bank is the go-to choice for Malawians who value a banking experience that’s both straightforward and relatable.

Lobo Adworks
Lobo Adworks