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Love Is On: Crafting Love Stories for FCB

Lobo Adworks and First Capital Bank teamed up in 2022 to spotlight the multi-faceted nature of love. From fostering a warm internal culture where staff celebrated customers, to external engagements that echoed sentiments of affection, our campaign was a heartfelt ode to relationships.


Design and execute a multifaceted campaign for First Capital Bank that deeply resonates with its audience, interweaving the broad strokes of universal love with intimate, individual tales.

  • Strategy

    Engagement-Centric Content, User Story Integration, Multi-Platform Strategy

  • Design

    Holistic Storytelling, Platform-Specific Design, Emotional Depth

  • Client

    First Capital Bank


A Symphony of Love Narratives for FCB

Our partnership with First Capital Bank showcased Lobo Adworks’ adeptness at painting love in broad strokes and intricate details. The overarching “Love Is On” theme was a testament to the expansive nature of love, while “Timanakumana Bwanji” added depth, spotlighting personal love stories, making our campaign a harmonious blend of the collective and the personal.


Engaging Audiences with Authenticity

In our approach, we embraced real stories. Teaming up with influencer Pemphero Mphande, we unearthed genuine customer experiences. The positive feedback and shared narratives became evidence of the authentic bonds we built.


Accolades Celebrating Excellence

IMM 2022 Best Digital Campaign of the Year: A recognition of our innovative approach and the tangible impact of the “Love Is On” campaign.

Engagement Excellence: Celebrating our success in fostering genuine customer interactions and stories, amplifying the bank’s commitment to its audience.

Campaign Adoption Across First Capital Group: Our “Love Is On” campaign’s universal appeal led to its adoption by all subsidiaries, showcasing our strategy’s wide-reaching impact.


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